Reinsurance Treaties & Customized Portfolio Solutions

Having had access to more than 50% of the MENA insurers and with 18 years of experience analysing the region’s performance, our team is ready to help optimizing your risk transfers solutions. We can advise and place traditional bouquets structures as well as excess of loss and stop loss covers. Our experienced team can help you reach an ideal combination of treaties, in all lines of business, including finite covers dealing with a specific line of business or for the whole portfolio. In short, we connect the market players’ needs by introducing functional structures to the benefits of all parties involved.


Motor & Health are the driver behind insurance companies’ results in the MENA, with Motor making up a big portion of the portfolio. We, at Broktech, are ready to assist in the analysis and segmentation of the clients’ motor portfolio. We aim to maintain and develop this branch on sound basis by exploring various price and cost analysis. On the other hand, our automatic Motor facility can cover high value vehicles and fleets on facultative basis, which can reduce the ceding companies’ volatility.


Our maritime background along with all binding and non-binding facilities in place allow our team to provide full service and reinsurance support in all segments of Marine Insurance; Hull, Cargo, Pleasure Yachts, Marine Liabilities , etc. With automatic capacities reaching up to US$ 30 million, we are able to promptly get back to our clients with support within a 24-hour period. Claim handling and consultancy is also offered to the clients through the vast experience of management and the team.

Property & Engineering

Special attention is given to these lines, which are fundamental to our economy as they lessen the impact that natural and man-made disasters have on our businesses and homes. Global reinsurers’ risk appetite used to change with the insurance cycle, but with ever dropping rates, these lines are predominately challenging to place. This has driven our team to obtain automatic facilities in property, from A-rated securities, in order for us to expedite the coverage of risks. We are keen on aiding the ceding companies in maintaining a healthy portfolio by ensuring that proper risk management practice is enforced.

The range of products we offer covers all type of Fire and Engineering policies that includes but is not limited to IAR, PAR, EAR, CAR, MB, EEAR, DOS, etc.

Casualty & Specialty Lines

The lines falling under this section are diverse and include the steadily growing Professional Indemnity, D&O and Malpractice covers. Since they are becoming compulsory in certain countries in the MENA; the demand has risen, and with access to competitive reinsurance markets, the management and team can promptly place these covers on marketable terms. The escalation of security risks globally and regionally, we also see an increase in demand for contingency risks covers. Our team has access to secured reinsurers ensuring the reliability of these placements.

Life & Health

Broktech prides itself on having a team of actuaries and underwriters that extend their support in helping clients develop these lines on proper and sound basis. Our service is not limited to conventional reinsurance placement but it is extended to provide clients with comprehensive and complete solutions when writing these lines.

For Life & PA, we can develop products and pricing tools while helping with claim handling. Furthermore, our team is ready to assist in finding standard or customized solutions for both Conventional and Takaful insurance products.

On the other hand, regulatory laws are increasing the demand for health insurance. The majority of the players are hesitant to enter this branch due to their lack of know-how and expertise. This is where Broktech has an essential role to fulfil by assisting in the A to Z management of the portfolio; insuring that all the proper process and procedures are in place.