Captain Richard Chalhoub – Chairman

Captain Richard Chalhoub – Chairman

Born in ‘El-Mina’ which means ‘The Port’ in the North of Lebanon, Captain Chalhoub the son to a Shipping Agent was exposed to the maritime industry from early age and his passion for the sea led him to the heart of the international shipping industry; to Bremen in Germany.


Captain Chalhoub’s sailing career started as a 16 year-old deck boy on a German Commercial Vessel and with only 34 years of age he became one of the few youngest Captains in Germany in command of various types of vessels in national and international waters.

His technical experience and knowledge in the maritime world combined with his multicultural background made him a perfect candidate for the international ‘house of 100 professions’ Munich Reinsurance Company in Munich, where he launched a different path of his career in Risk Management, Reinsurance and Client Management.

After 10 years of working with the international organization, Captain Chalhoub returned to the Middle East where he established the Reinsurance Brokerage and Consultancy Company ‘Zaris,’ which has now flourished into Broktech Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers SAL.

Captain Chalhoub has been known in the market for his profound knowledge in Marine as well as customized Reinsurance Solutions, Risk Management, Claims Handling, Recoveries and Customized Solutions are just a few to mention. He is famous for his passionate lectures and speeches about Marine Insurance and Reinsurance aspects and has been the ‘Head of Session’ for a number of prestigious Conferences over the last years.